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Style 120 with Silane/Volan hybrid finish 550

Satin Weaves > 3.16 oz 120
38" wide Style 120
3.16 oz/sq yd 4hs Fiberglass Cloth
550 Hybrid Silane/Volan for Any Resin
rolled on 2" Foam Core PVC pipe.  
Prices are per roll with free shipping
to the 48 Continental United States.

3.16 oz/sq yd four harness satin weave fiberglass cloth Style 120 with the hybrid Silane/Volan Finish 550 is almost as drapable as Style 120 with the chrome only 504 Volan Finish.  The 550 finish is good for epoxy or polyester resins.  I'm personally not sure what the advantage of the 550 chrome/silane hybrid finish is.   I know it's been a around a long time.  When one weaver does it, and I won't say who, it can be very stiff.  The 550 finish from BGF was always nice and soft, relatively speaking.  I'm putting plenty of photos here so you can judge for yourself.  You can also see the finish section for comparative photos of the style 120 with the different finishes and fiberglass weaves, and especially style 120, are greatly effected by the type of finish.  Rolls are rolled on 2" pvc and available in 10, 20, 30 and 50 yard rolls.  This cloth is in limited supply.  
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