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Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
Located in High Point, NC.  Huge selection of woven and stitched fiberglass.  Low prices  40 years experience * fast shipping
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3.54 oz Style 1694 Fiberglass Cloth

Black Fiberglass Cloth see photos below
3.54oz/sq yd(osy) Black Fiberglass 1694
64" wide Style 1694 finished in 10 and 20 yard rolls
Shipping has got so high and not having an accurate shipping calculator
we are no longer able to sell any rolls with free shipping.  Email us to
thayercraft@cs.com the roll you want 1-Style, 2-width, 3-finish, 4 yards
and we'll quote you the actual shipping cost and if you still want the
roll we'll send a PayPal request.   If you have any problems
enter the individual letters of the email address
thayercraft@cs.com.  This email is monitored 24/7.

1694 black fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc
1694 black fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc
Style 1694 fiberglass cloth is a slightly heavier version of 1692 plain weave 3.54 oz/sq yd 40x24 ends/inch fabric that uses the yarn ECG 150 1/0 in the warp and ECG 75 1/0 in the fill and has a thickness of 0.0052".   We have a few hundred yards of Style 1694 in 64 and 74" widths finished in a pvc weaveset mostly white with some black.  All the rolls are in the 100 to 200 yard range.  

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