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Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 104 fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
2.74 osy 3070 70x70 tight weave fiberglass cloth hand close up
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8 Harness Satin Weave Fiberglass Cloth

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The 8 harness satin weave involves a warp yarn passing under 7 fill yarn, over one fill, then back under 7 and so on.  The fill yarn does the same with the warp yarn.  The most famous 8 harness satin weave we sell is the 7781 so we provided a microscope photo of it here.  Buy 7781 with the soft 504 Volan finish, aerospace silane 497A finish,  or the soft hybrid/volan 550 finish
8 Harness Satin Weave 7781 microscope photo thayercraft
To the right is a photo of the 8 harness satin weave style 3783 16 oz/sq yd fiberglass cloth that has a thread count of 54 x 48 ends/inch and uses the yarn ECG 37 1/0 in the warp and fill.  All photos have different magnifications though one can infer the scale by a simple consideration of the thread count.  Buy your size of roll of 16 ounce 8 harness satin weave fiberglass cloth style 3783 with the 627 silane finish, with the 497A silane finish, JPS made 3783 with the S977 finish,
8 Harness Satin weave Fiberglass Cloth style 3783 16 oz/sq yd thayercraft
Here's a little closer look at the 16 oz/sq 8 harness satin weave style 3783.  Photo taken with the side showing to obviate the orientation.
micro close up 3783 16 oz 8 harness satin weave fiberglass cloth thayercraft
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