12.4 oz Style 3732 Fiberglass Cloth with Volan Finish - Fiberglass Cloth Supply and Education

Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 104 fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
2.74 osy 3070 70x70 tight weave fiberglass cloth hand close up
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12.4 oz Style 3732 Fiberglass Cloth with Volan Finish

Satin Weaves
Roll of style 3732, 12.4 oz/sq yd Fiberglass Cloth loose  with id sheet
30" wide Style 3732
12.4 oz/sq yd 4HS Weave Fiberglass Cloth
Finished in 504 Volan for Any Resin
rolled on 2" Foam Core PVC pipe.  
Prices are per roll with free shipping
to the 48 Continental United States.

Style 3732 fiberglass cloth is an E-Glass 4 Harness Satin weave fiberglass cloth that's not a typical open weave boat and tooling cloth, though it's a heavy 12.4 oz/sq yd fabric.  It's not a typical satin weave, though it is a 4 harness satin.   Style 3732, as is it's close associate 332, was really meant to be coated with acrylic or pvc to be used in a wall panel somewhere.   Sometimes us composite connoisseurs get lucky with a weave intended for one thing being finished with a nice finish like Volan resulting in a nice cloth for resins.   All rolls are on 2" pvc, carefully packed and ready to ship.
Close up photo with data of style 3732, 12.4 oz/sq yd fiberglass cloth
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12.4 oz/sq yd style 3732 fiberglass cloth shaped around baseball
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