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Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
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Plain Weave Fiberglass Described, Illustrated by Thayercraft

A plain weave fiberglass fabric is where the fill yarn passes over and under one warp yarn and a fill yarn doing the same.  To the right is a microscope shot of style 7500 9.6 oz/sq yd fiberglass cloth.  You can see the two G37 yarn twisted together making the one yarn in both the warp and fill.
9.6 oz plain weave style 7500 under microscope from Thayercraft
To the right is a microscope photo of the style 1065 which is a 1.08 oz/sq yd, 56 x 56 ends/inch thread count plain weave fiberglass cloth that has the ECD 450 1/0 yarn in the warp and ECD 900 in the fill.  Thayercraft has
Style 1065 1.06 oz Fiberglass Cloth Micro shot 56 x 56 thread count
To the right here is a microscopic photograph of the plain weave style 2116 3.12 oz/sq yd that has a thread count of 60 x 58 ends/inch and uses the yarn ECE 225 1/0 warp and fill.   
Plain Weave Style 2116, 60x58 ends/inch, 3.12 oz/sq yd Fiberglass Cloth
The photo to the right is a photo of the common surfboard fiberglass cloth style 1522 that is 3.63 oz/sq yd 24 x 22 ends/inch thread count.

Plain Weave 1522 3.63 oz fiberglass cloth microscopic view Thayercraft
Photo to right is a microscopic view of the "Flat" weave style 3733 that uses the G37 1/0 yarn in the warp and fill.  Compare it to the 7533 with the same thread count but having the G75 1/2 yarn where two 1/2 the weight of the G37 yarn are twisted together - The weight of the cloth is essentially the same.
Plain weave 3733 5.8 oz fiberglass cloth with 18 x 18 ends/inch yarn count
To the right is the 7533 6 oz 18 x 18 ends/inch fiberglass cloth with the "twist" weave -

Plain "Twist" weave style 7533 6 oz fiberglass cloth 18 x 18 count thayercraft
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