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Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
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14609 7 oz/sq yd hybrid Kevlar/Glass

14609 50" 7 oz/sq yd Kevlar/Glass hybrid
7 oz/sq yd Kevlar/Glass
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Style 14609   50" wide
rolled on 2" inside diameter PVC
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14609 is a 7 oz/sq yard Kevlar/Glass Hybrid that is 50" wide and available in 20 yard rolls.  We don't have much information on this style 14609.  It just came in as an experimental style and nothing on the books anywhere we can find.  For that reason it's going cheap.  I layed up a piece on this 4 x 8 glass sheet with a common 2 part table top epoxy resin.  I put an overlappling layer of fiberglass 4hs uni 1543 38" wide 497A on it to give it the right kind of flexibility for the inside of this camper trailer I'm playing with.  The whole laminate was peel plyed.  Photos are of the lay up.  I always use RainX as a mold release on glass - all buffed out like you would a windshield.  Not much information on what kind of Kevlar or glass it is.  It doesnt take contours or like bending much at all.  You can see the waves I put in it just taking the first photos.  What you will get will all be perfect and wave free.   10 and 20 yard rolls are ready to go.  Main roll for future re rolling is 200 yards or so left.  
5 yard roll used for testing
Kevlar/Glass 14609 ready to laminate with epoxy
14609 Kevlar/glass with 1543 in epoxy on glass sheet
14609 Epoxy laminate 1
14609 Epoxy laminate 2
14609 Epoxy laminate 3
14609 Epoxy laminate 4
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