21.85 oz Style 9773 S-Glass Fiberglass Cloth - Fiberglass Cloth Supply and Education

Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
Located in High Point, NC.  Huge selection of woven and stitched fiberglass.  Low prices  40 years experience * fast shipping
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21.85 oz Style 9773 S-Glass Fiberglass Cloth

S-2 Glass

21.85oz 8 Harness Satin S-2 Fiberglass 9773
Heavy,   thick    S-2 Glass
45, 61 and 65" Style 9773 finished in 538 Amino silane
10 20 and  30  yard rolls on 2" pvc pipe
(45" in 5 yarder)
Free shipping to the lower 48

45" wide rolls on 2" pvc pipe
61" wide rolls on 2" pvc pipe

65" wide rolls on 2" pvc pipe                         
One big 470 yard roll in stock with
small rolls rolled at customer demand
9773 loose roll open end 21.85 osy S-2 Glass from Thayercraft
9773 loose with label 2 - 21.85 osy S-2 glass from Thayercraft
9773 loose hand 21.85 osy S-2 glass fiberglass cloth from Thayercraf
7 layer 9773 bullet proof panel now a fiberglass roll holding crade
Above and below are photos of a panel we did with 7 layers of the 9773 in epoxy then shot at with a variety of hand gun rounds. Most didn't even penetrate at all and just flattened out.  It is now the underside of the cradle we use with the forklift mounting rolls of fiberglass cloth on the racks for re rolling.  
7 layer 9773 bullet proof panel - fg cradle underside
9773 45 538 5 yds ready to ship
Style 9773 is a special texturized heavy 8 harness satin weave S-2 Glass fiberglass fabric.  9773 weighs 21.85 oz/sq yd, osy, and is finished in the  A1100 for epoxy resins 538.  This cloth can be used to make bullet proof panels.  We laid up a panel using 7 layers with a cheap run-of-the-mill old ciba geigy epoxy resin and shot it with an array of round nose hand gun rounds including 22, 38, 45, 454, 22 mag with none of these rounds going through and some just flattening the lead.  We didn't follow up to see what it would take to stop a rifle round, like our 7mm, but assume it would blow through - it takes a lot to stop rifle rounds.  The only thing to deteriorate with age is the finish - it at all. With a material being bullet proof a degradation of the finish would be even better so the glass would slide some absorbing the energy even better. The cloth is kind of stiff with the 538 finish so keep that in mind when your'e doing your project with it.  It needs to be for flat panels and where you could weight it down if you needed to.  It could also be used dry as a fire barrier being S-2 glass takes more temp than E-glass and being stiff you could staple it up on walls pretty easy.  We have the 9773 in 45", 61 and 65" widths.  This is old material we bought surplus and are selling cheap accordingly.  This cloth is intended for the do-it-yourselfer individual wanting some bullet proof items around the house or business and not for some aerospace structural application.    This cloth wets out fine but soaks up a lot of resin.  Age only effects the finish if anything and has no effect on the strength of the glass.  The curved panel we used for the bullet proof tests became the cradle we use with the forklift to take rolls on and off the rolling racks.  This is heavy cloth so consider the cost we have to pay for shipping as being big part of the cost of the roll.   Shipping rates are getting out of site.  If you want a bunch of this we can work up a deal and I'll get a separate shipping rate.  I want to sell it but trying to guess a Free Shipping price as high as it is is kind of tough.  So if you want a bunch just email me at thayercraft@cs.com
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