8.5 oz/sq yd 2x2 Twill Style 7725 Fiberglass Cloth with Volan Finish - Fiberglass Cloth Supply and Education

Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 104 fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
2.74 osy 3070 70x70 tight weave fiberglass cloth hand close up
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8.5 oz/sq yd 2x2 Twill Style 7725 Fiberglass Cloth with Volan Finish

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Style 7725 8.5 oz/sq yd 2x2 twill fiberlass cloth from Thayercraft
Limited Supply -
38" wide Style 7725
8.5 oz/sq yd 2x2 Twill Fiberglass Cloth
Finished in 504 Volan for Any Resin
rolled on 2" Foam Core PVC pipe.  
Prices are per roll with free shipping
to the 48 Continental United States.
All sold out - waiting for supplier to send list of new material available

    With limited supply of the super conformable style 7725 with the 504 Volan finish coming our way we only sell small rolls as you see on this page.  7725 is a 2x2 twill that has a thread count of 54x18 which is really 18x18 ends/inch since the warp G75 1/0 yarn is counted three times instead of one which is what you see.  If the warp yarn was ECG 75 1/3 there would be three of the G75 yarn twisted together as in some of the other boat and tooling types weaves.  This twist, however, brings the bundles in more like a rope resulting in a bumpier cloth but yet more stable which brings up the next issue.
    The trade off with having cloth like this with yarn just laying side by side and that is it just moves all around when you're handling it.  It's almost impossible to cut it and move it to where you want it without skewing.  And because of the  lack of twist in the yarn it unravels.  What I came up with is as follows:  1st make a pattern of the cloth you need, 2nd: lay the cloth on a sufficiently larger section of butcher paper or any appropriate non contaminating easy to cut paper, 3rd: orient and straighten the fibers of the 7725 over the butcher paper,  4th: lay the pattern on the 7725 cloth, 5th:  put a masking tape border outside of and completely around the pattern on the cloth, 6th:  remove the pattern and cut right through the middle of the masking tape border, 7th: wet out the cloth with epoxy resin (or polyester if you so desire), 8th:  cut through the wet out 7725 and the butcher paper, 9th: tranfer the wet out 7725 on butcher paper to mold or area you're laminating, shape in place, remove the butcher paper (I used to call it wax paper meaning butcher paper - I never contaminated any epoxy with wax my entire life or if I did I was too young to remember) and 10th:  squeegie or stipple all out nice and neat, put on peel ply if you like and leave to cure - be sure to remove the peel ply of course before the next lay up but just right before the next lay up.  
All rolls are on 2" pvc and packed nice and neat like usual.  Free shipping to any of the 48 continental United States -
To the right is photo showing how the 7725 can be cut using masking tape to prevent skewing.  The pattern is laid over the cloth.  The masking tape is mashed in place outside the pattern.  The cloth and masking tape are cut in the middle with the cloth and masking tape border placed on the butcher or other easy to cut release paper.  The cloth is wet out.  The 7725 cloth and butcher paper are cut together inside of the masking tape.  No masking tape is transfered to the part.  This is all oversize to allow for the final wet out piece of 7725 on the butcher paper the shape and size of pattern needed.  The wet out cloth on butcher paper is mashed in it's previously prepared location.  Butcher paper is removed.  Final squeegying or stippling on the 7725/resin matrix is done, peel ply added if desired and left to cure.  This process keeps the otherwise easy-to-skew 7725 cloth fibers in place during the wet out phase.  
Style 7725 fiberglass cloth being cut using masking tape  from Thayercraft
Style 7725 8.5 oz/sq yd 2x2 twill fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft
Style 7725 8.5 oz/sq yd 2x2 twill fiberglass cloth shaped over baseball from Thayercraft
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