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6.0 oz/sq yd style 128 Fiberglass Cloth

Kayaks & Canoes
Style 128 is a 6.0 oz/sq plain weave fiberglass cloth that has a thread count of 44 x 31 ends/inch and uses the yarn ECE 225 1/3 in the warp and fill.
Style 128 fiberglass cloth differs from style 7628 in that 128 uses the 7 micron "E" filament where 7628 uses the "9" micron filament in the G75 yarn.
And style 128 has three 1/3 weight 7 micron filament yarn twisted together instead of the three times heavier flat yarn for the 7628.  We don't get a lot of rolls of 128 in and right now just have a few short rolls.
42" wide Style 128
6.0 oz/sq yd Fiberglass Cloth
Finished in Silane 627 for Any Resin
rolled on 2" Foam Core PVC pipe.  
Prices are per roll with free shipping
to the 48 Continental United States.

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